About Us

For the Future Art Mosaics

Fam-mer Marble is one of the few companies in Turkey, which produce marble tile as well as tumbled stone and mosaic products.
We believe that Customer Satisfaction is very important. To support our belief we pay close attention to:

  • Understanding customer needs,
  • Correct pricing,
  • Perfecting our production and delivery timing.

Our wide range of tile, mosaic and tumbled stone collection -which has more than 40 different styles- are derived from many different colors and style marble, travertine, and limestone provided from many different quarries in Turkey.
Our production process includes:

  • Cutting calibrated material (1 cm thickness) with multi-disc machines in to sizes needed,
  • Tumbling the calibrated and cut material for the finish needed,
  • Selecting and preparing cut-to-size stones for placing
  • Gluing the stones to net in different templates, prepared for different design
  • Quality Control for the Stone Colors and designs for the final product
  • Packing controlled final product in our cardboard or foam boxes
  • Labeling and placing the ready boxes in to wooden creates

Even though we have wide variety in our collection, our consistency, in color selection and quality standards for all the natural stone types and sizes we carry, is always appreciated by our clients.
Fam-mer was established in 2000 in Afyonkarahisar and moved to the world market with many different regular size tile and mosaic as well as unique designs and projects.
Our mission is to add value to the life of our clients, co-workers, and the companies we are related in natural stone production chain by respecting our natural resources and keeping a clean and safe work place.